new beginning

A little Girl 

A little Girl walked down the street.
There were no shoes on her little feet.
Torn her clothes, tousled her hair,
her look far away from former flair.
Her beautiful face was full of tears
as she tried to escape from all her fears.

The night was dark and cold the air,
strong was the wind blowing through her hair.
She frightened, she shook,
she tumbled, she fell...
A light, a voice:
"I've something to tell.

You're not alone cause I'm with you
you'll not be lost, I'll help you through.
I will dry all of your tears
and take away all of your fears.

Little girl let me enter your heart
and from now on I will guard
you where you go.
When you have fear than I will show,
that I'm always there,
that I'm taking care.

Come little girl and take my hand
and I will forever stand
to you my child.
Endless my love and also my grace.

Bring to me all your faults, your sin.
Lost, that's what you have been
but now you're found
and I'm forgivin'
your sin, now on the deepest ground.
I am the reason why you are livin'.

Now go home and give me praise,
cause when you die, then you will rise
and live in here with me.
There is no better place to be,
than in my arms of love.

Little girl, now stop to cry.
Just take my hand.

She opened her eyes,
the light had gone, but she knew,
that that had not been lies.
She took the hand, went home and praised,
the Lord, the only one who rose,
who brought eternal life to world.

That was the story of the little girl.

17.02.2005 be me and the help of GOD
(Anmerkung: me ist in dem Fall Tatcher a Hainu)